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Magora is a dedicated team of app developers who craft applications that improve the lives of the people around us and accelerate business growth. Our app developers believe that striking the right balance between functionality, logic, and elegant user experience in apps is the foundation for staying atop the competition in future online offerings.

Our focus on usability, security, and efficiency is what makes Magora a leading app development agency, with broad experience in both app design and software creation. We have delivered hundreds of first-rate digital solutions across diverse industries, and we would be proud to invest our expertise into a project for you.

We utilize modern technology and implement the latest frameworks to ensure that the custom software built by our experts is secure, fast, and compatible with all leading platforms and devices, including web and mobile.

Before planning the software's architecture, we conduct extensive market research and competitive analysis to craft a deep understanding of your business and your competitors. That allows us to create apps that surpass existing solutions in functionality, usability, and growth, while your company can evolve in parallel thanks to the scalable structure we guarantee.

A Few of Our Recent Development Successes
Connecting people visually through real emotions and meaningful conversations. Jurni revolutionizes the concept of classical vlogging by introducing a new social network where people interact through videos. No likes and emojis - only real stories, real people and real life.
Mobile Expense Reporting
Streamlined expense reporting for mobile technology. Mobile Expense Reporting removes the burden of excess paperwork and connects sales reps with their accounting departments from any corner of the world.
Vessel Performance Solutions
Maritime cargo shipping and vessel performance management now have an app of their own. Vessel Performance Solutions integrates sophisticated sensors with a complex software system, which helps ship operators to efficiently schedule maintenance and optimize fuel consumption.
A mobile social network that unites people with shared interests and geography. PlanDo redirects the focus of social networks by encouraging people through a smartphone app to interact in an active, exciting world.
Backup your files and secure your data within seconds. BackUP takes backing up software to an entirely new level, outperforming existing solutions in both speed and security.
A bespoke cost-management system for a new generation of healthcare services InnovoCare helps medical centers confidently formulate budgets and predict ROI, reallocating time and energy back to where it belongs: patient care.
core power golf
The power of golf in the palm of your hand. Improve your golf skills with Core Power Golf, an iOS app that offers instructional videos, pro tips, and an online marketplace.
A bird’s eye view of manufacturing and construction projects in real time ProjectVUE is a full-service software solution for project cost management and seamless communication across desktop and mobile devices.
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Areas of Expertise

Mobility Service Strategy

Ease of communication, mobility, and accessibility are the cornerstones that ensure the efficiency of your company’s staff. Our mobile solutions improve the interactivity of your employees, connect the in-house staff with the field force, and offer amazing user experiences to your customers. Prepare your business for the borderless future, providing employees and customers with immediate access to your applications from any location.

Development and Quality Assurance

App developers at Magora endeavor to create high-quality digital products that help businesses outstrip the competition, maintain high levels of productivity, automate routine procedures, connect to consumers and increase revenue. Our comprehensive quality assurance process ensures the end product’s stability, flexibility and seamless integration with any legacy systems utilized within your company.

Design and User Experience

Over the years in the app development industry, we have come to an understanding that user experience is the most important aspect of everything we create. Our business analysts, developers, and designers know how to measure the relationship between the UX and a website or app’s success, and we can translate that knowledge to your digital solutions. We know how to meet your customer needs through an interface that is intuitive, engaging and appealing.

Operating & Monitoring

Magora’s app development team are experts in software integration, troubleshooting, and security. We will monitor your app and deliver operational analytics for all the important metrics of its performance. To provide the highest quality service to your customers, we create predictors to check the stability and vulnerability of your software, can guarantee the proper performance of an application, and prevent failures, allowing us to keep your IT systems running at peak efficiency.

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369+ projects delivered to clients
150+ experts in design and development
240+ clients worldwide
8 Years of experience
A business-savvy approach to app development
Bespoke software expertise across diverse sectors
Business Strategy
At the beginning of any software development project, we take the time to understand your business and target audience. From there, we work to create a solid strategy that will ensure the long-term success of your digital solutions.
Our app developers craft your project and hone it to perfection, utilizing the latest technology for mobile, web and desktop. Whether you need an iOS app, a web solution or a bespoke system, our experts will develop a premier project that is built to bring value.
We believe that professional design is far more than a few pretty flourishes. Our talented designers value the great experiences we build into our apps, which are presented in our user-friendly, visually stunning and intuitive interfaces.
We are app developers who change the world around us through technology and design. Our broad knowledge and skillset enables us to come up with unique, creative ideas that drive businesses forward. Let us contribute our professionalism, talent and innovative minds to your next project.
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